Monday, 7 September 2009

An hectic weekend~~

it such an hectic weekend..

I finished my class at 2 pm saturday, then shoot back to Ipoh, pick up my bro from his tuition class..

Had some rest that night, but believe me it's not enough..

I still did not fully charge, huhu..

Sunday morning after the Subuh prayer, I went back to school because i was on duty..

Its damn bored u see, me all alone in the staffroom..

But i did many things while in there..

Tidy my messy table that's one of it.. huhuuhu

Some students came & they asked me to checked their essays..

okay, thank u my dearly students..

if u guys were not there, im sure I can finish marking the exam papers..


never mind la, helping my students is lso good what.. huhu..

I scared actually.. PMR is getting near, my 1st PMR as a teacher..

Adoi, dunno how to describe it..

I rasa, I yg kena solat hajat n baca Yassin lebey, hehhe..

but I cannot join the Majlis berbuka + bacaan Yassin for my students this coming weekend..

Sorry dear, teacher ada class in UPSI, but I always pray for you.. =)

Just now i went to the hospital again because my dad just admitted this morning and he will out tomorrow afternoon..

My younger brother & I break our fast in the hospital today..

Na'im wasn't there, went to Mas Adi's house to break their fast..

I'm on leave tomorrow, hope can gain some energy before I start working on Wednesday.. =)