Saturday, 27 December 2008

The LAst Wedding in 2008..

TAdi pergi wedding Dayah kat Sri Kinta...

Macam biasa, aku terpaksa jadi tukang angkut...

Aku bersiap pun dah lambat, semalm janji kul 10 tapi sudahnya kul 11 baru kuar rumah...

Takpe la, asalkan gi, daripada tak gi.. huhuhuhu..

Destination : 1) Yatie's house (Desa Pinji)
2) Farah & Ninie ( Desa Pelancongan)
3) Azma (Sri Kinta)..

Dah pungut sumer2, pe lagi, time gi makan free la... Huhuhuhu.. Tapi sebabnya awal lagi even dah 12pm dah, pengantin pun tak siap lagi, pakai trak suit ja.. huhuhu.. sempat la nak borak2 ngn dia, kalau tak, bila dah ramai tak sempat lak nak jumpa.. Adoi, siap tolong dandankan lagi.. huhuhu..

Makan pun besh, masak sendiri.. kalau aku nanti sure kontrak ja, takde sape nak susah2 masak, hehehehehhe.. Mmg besh dapat kumpul ramai2, jumpa balik kwn2 sek.. Even still ada yg tak dtg but majlis tetap happening.. =)

Congrats to my dear fren, Norhidayah & suami Arman; semoga berbahagia dalam mengharungi dunia baru..

Friday, 26 December 2008

Deal or No Deal??

I dunno how to describe it...

My situation is like A ROAD NOT TAKEN...

Dunno which way to go..

To make it more sophisticated I might say my situation is like the game show; DEAL OR NO DEAL..

Dunno which bag to open, dunno want to accept the banker's offer or not...

But then, I've to make ONE DECISION..

I've decide to STAYFOOT, and go on...

Hope I'll get bless with dis decison.. AMIN

Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Should I go or shouldn't??

Come back a new misery in my life...

I dunno why must I feel this way...

Nobody should be blame except for my self...

Even I already had a permenant job at that time but I still wanna go to the MARA interview??

Why I was there??? For the interview??? to gain experience?? Yeah right..

And now, I dunno actually I feel...


My heart says I must go for MRSM but my brain says I must stay with SMKA..

The fear I dun want to face is MARA will send me to Sabah or SARAWAK...

I don't want to go there..

I don't want to be far from my family, my Abg Syg as well..


Latest from my girl, LILY ALLEN =)

The Fear (SINGLE)
Lily Allen

I want to be rich and I want lots of money
I don’t care about clever I don’t care about funny
I want loads of clothes and f**kloads of diamonds
I heard people die while they are trying to find them

I’ll take my clothes off and it will be shameless
‘Cuz everyone knows that’s how you get famous
I’ll look at the sun and I’ll look in the mirror
I’m on the right track yeah I’m on to a winner

I don’t know what’s right and what’s real anymore
I don’t know how I’m meant to feel anymore
When do you think it will all become clear?
‘Cuz I’m being taken over by The Fear

Life’s about film stars and less about mothers
It’s all about fast cars outclassing each other
But it doesn’t matter cause I’m packing plastic
and that’s what makes my life so f**king fantastic

And I am a weapon of massive consumption
and its not my fault it’s how I’m programmed to function
I’ll look at the sun and I’ll look in the mirror
I’m on the right track yeah we're on to a winner

Forget about guns and forget ammunition
Cause I’m killing them all on my own little mission
Now I’m not a saint but I’m not a sinner
Now everything's cool as long as I’m getting thinner

p/s Her 2nd album will be out next year February

Saja wat gabra ja.. =(

Marah la ngn MARA..

LAst week kata ley cek status interbiu hari ni..

Tapi bila dah cek, kata gagal..

Dats fine, tapi bila nak semak semula, katanya untuk subjek English, semakan bermula pada 24/12..

Asal tak gitau awal2, habes exciment tau..

Saja bikin gua GABRA..

Sunday, 21 December 2008

RABUN AYAM.. (^.^)

There you go..
My little bro, must wear his fourth eyes..
Adoi, extra macho or nerd after dis??

Friday, 19 December 2008

I'm O, how about you???

Have you ever wonder what blood type are you in? Even we normally did not care about it, but it is serious for us to know about it.

Last two years, I was suffered with ECZEMA. It’s one type of skin problem. Trust me; you don’t want to be like me. It started when I stay in hostel while I’m studying. I don’t want to blame others but as far as I know the water quality in the place I stayed, was not good.

Well, back to my story here, after a while, I can’t stand anymore with all the itchiness, so I went to see a dermatologist. She asked me to take the Pathtlab test. So, they took my urine and blood.

Here comes the story started. The moment of the truth. The doctor said, I should avoid carbohydrate, dairy products and chocolates. At that time, I totally have no idea why she asked me to avoid all that because at first, she wants me to lose some weight.

So, yeah, I followed her words for a year, but then I can’t stand anymore. I miss Secret Recipe, McD and others. So, I continue to take back all the provident foods. Nothing happen, my skin was okay.

But suddenly, it came back last Raya. Then, OH MY GOD. MY SKIN!!! At first, I acted like nothing happen, but since I can’t stand it anymore, I went to see the doctor. And of course, she scolded me. Now, I still have two appointments with her, which is next week.

About the blood type that I mentioned just now, just now, me and my mom went to Popular bookstore. And I found this book. “Panduan Diet Untuk Darah Golongan O”. And guess what, the food that the doctor mentioned was totally true. I MUST FOLLOW the diet.

At first, I thought the doctor wants me to lose my weight, that’s why she wants me to avoid those foods. But then, I know. It’s science. From now on, my family and I, will follow all the foods guideline stated in the book.

For all of you, who want to know further about the food you can take that suitable with your blood types, you can buy the book. They also have for A, B and AB blood types. And it’s only RM14.90.

Monday, 15 December 2008


That is one of the sentence used in CICAKMAN 2..
It’s kinda funny..
The action?? Okay lorrr..
Graphic much more improved from the previous one..
Kinda slow, and made me sleepy half of the movie..
Dunno la why, but I can only give 3 stars out of 5..
Sorry KRU..
Waiting for BEDTIME STORIES to come out.. =)

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Love??? Where's the MAGIC???

I just don't get it..

There's some people that I know, can simply say I LOVE YOU to someone they just know...

Is that easy for us to say that MAGIC sentence??

As far as I know, for me it is hard to say it out...

We just lost someone we love the most, then bump with a new person, and suddenly say we I LOVE YOU??

How come?? Where goes the love for the previous person???

That easy we can forget the past??

I believe, life must goes on, BUT that not the way right???

Find someone in a sudden, and say I LOVE YOU!!!

There's no more magic in LOVE is it???

Friday, 5 December 2008

Miss My Abe, I only have his T-Shirt with me.. =(

Hey, Let me tell ya know
Ooooo, baby tryna decide, tryna decide
if i really want to go out tonight i,
never used to go out without cha,
Not sure I remember how to
gonna be late gonna be late but,
all my girls gone have to wait cause',
I dont know if i like my outfit,
I tried everything in my closet

Nothing feels right when im not witchu
sick of this Dress and these Jimmy Choos
takin them off cause i feel a fool
tryna dress up when im missing you uooo
imma step out of this lingerie
curl up in a ball with something Hanes
In bed I lay...
With nothing but your t-shirt on,
With nothin but your t-shirt on..

Sunday, 30 November 2008



But I don't like MISSING YOU..

It's damn HURT ABG...

Do you FEEL the same??

Sunday, 23 November 2008


Lagi sekali masalah umah sewa melanda..

Dulu masa study, now nak keje pun dilema mencari umah sewa berulang kembali...

Even kuaters dah dapat, but tell me who wanna stay inside??? In da school compund???

Never man, Me adult.. No more staying inside...

Adoi la, headache... Within dis 2 weeks I must find a house to rent..


Monday, 10 November 2008

I got a JOB!!


I like to move it, move it.. Hehehehehhe..

I'm now an Official English Teacher...

Adoi, da excitement is there.. everything la.. Dunno la apa yg rasa now..

Happy, nervous.. Pe lagi eh?? dunno la.. Tak berani nak rasa pe2...

Apa pun, really Thank God for this opportunity..

My parents for all of ur prayers to me..

My siblings, who always support me...

My family, my friends.. Thank you 4 everything..

Can't wait to be back in school.. =)

Tuesday, 4 November 2008


I never dream I will have a new phone for this moment..

Yeah, I admit, I damn need a new phone...

My Motorola L7, function = K.O..

But, I'm soo glad... My beloved Dad bought me a phone...


HUhuhuhuhuhuhu.. NOKIA E66..

I like.. hehehhee..

Well, still need time to learn all the function.. hhuhu.. =)

Finally, Graduated!! (^_^)

Alhamdulillah, finally everything comes to the end..
I've been sacrifies my 3 1/2 years in da rural area (Btg. Berjuntai aka Bestari Jaya)...
Its all worth.. I'm soo happy, when I was on the stage.. When I heard my name had been called, it's like a dream..
I finished my study, I'm going to face the real world..
No more time to play, I have to start thinking for my future..
But now, I have to choose.. My master or find a permanent job??

Thursday, 2 October 2008

Ramadhan berlalu, Syawal bertandang..

Alhamdulillah, selesai sudah puasa tahun ini. Bila difikirkan, tak puas lagi berpuasa, tahun ni puasa dalam keadaan yang tak berapa sempurna. Terutama masa untuk menunaikan ibadah terawaih. Disebabkan waktu kerja yang berlarutan sehingga malam, maka ibadah itu hanya dapat dilaksanakan beberapa kali sahaja. Namun yang lepas kita biarkan. Sekarang dah habis berpuasa, tibalah masa untuk merayakannya..
Macam biasa, tiap tahun raya, kami sekeluarga akan beraya di Ipoh dulu, kat umah.. Semalam mmg penat, dari pagi lepas ja sahur yg terakhir, semua wat kerja.. Termasuk la adik2ku itu, huhu..
  1. Ayah = Kemas halaman rumah a.k.a apa saja hal2 kelengkapan
  2. Mak = Dapur a.k.a masak rendang, ketupat
  3. Shoe (saya la) = Barang2 nak pakai raya a.k.a baju, pinggan mangkuk, kuih raya
  4. Na'im = Persiapan malam raya a.k.a goody bag, kemas living room
  5. Hanafi = When needed a.k.a anyam ketupat, wat pe je kerja bila dipanggil oleh sesiapa..

Lepas ja buka puasa, masing2 dah bersiap pulak nak bertakbir raya.. Yang lelaki semua ke masjid, so me and my mom siapkan juadah untuk org2 yg nak dtg bertakbir raya ke rumah.. Seronok tradisi tu, jemaah masjid akan pergi rumah ke rumah, melaungkan takbir raya...

So, kat rumah kami, biasa2 ja.. Ketupat kuah kacang, rendang lemang, kuih2 raya dihidangkan.. Dan macam tahun2 sebelumnya, kami sediakan goody bag, dalam tu ada kuih raya, sweets, wafer, cake dan tak miss, duit raya, huhuhuhu...

Mmg memenatkan, Ayah & adik2 pergi takbir rumah ke rumah, pukul 2 pagi baru balik.. Tapi seronok la, sebab dapat makan dan duit raya.. huhuhu... Skang dah nak masuk Raya ke 2 dah.. Hari ni kami sekeluarga balik ke kampung Ayah, Kg. Gajah Pasir Salak.. And now, keletihan giler sebab beraya dgn sanak-saudara, and esok nak balik kampung Mak pulak, Alor Star Kedah..

Okay, chow dulu.. Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir Batin..

Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Nak saman tailor tu.. =(

Kita org pompuan ni, awal2 lagi dah pikir pasal baju raya, even tak puasa pun lagi..
Adoi, membara ja hati ni... Baju yang ditempah 3 PASANG.. sekali baju konvo.. Bila dapat tadi, sumernya besar.. Asal jadi camtu??? Nak kata aku ni jadi kurus, takde maknanya.. maintain ja rasanya..

Macam mna nak raya ni??? Dah la besar, de satu baju, dia tak wat lining kat tangan, macam mana nak pkai, habes nampak la.. Jarang yg amatnya..
Yang jadi nak marah bukan apa, tempah baju2 tu bulan 5, tadi dapat cam pe ja... Almost 5 months bagi dia masa tapi dia wat baju camtu.. Aku tak kira, nak suh dia wat semula..

Raya takpe lagi, baju konvo macam mana??? Tinggal sebulan ja lagi, mana nak cari tailor nak wat baju, at least nak kena siap 2 weeks before ceremony.. Adoi, headache...!!!!

Boley kew saman tailor tu???

Monday, 29 September 2008

My fav for berbuka, Ramadhan 2008..

Various selection of food from McD..

Cakes from Secret Recipe..

Sepanjang bulan puasa ni, memang macam2 kita teringin nak makan.. Kalau gi bazar tu, sure rambang la mata.. Kena pulak tgk air yg byk2 dalam tong tu, adoila.. Memang dugaan.. Kalau la ley minumkan..

Tapi, tahun ni aku tak rasa nak makan or minum something from bazar.. lagipun tak sempat nak gi sangat.. Sebabnya, balik keje kul 8pm, mana sempat gi bazar.. Balik umah, makan pe yg my mon dah sediakan.. Weekend pun tak gi bazar sangat, sebab masak ja kat umah...

But I realised something, dalam seminggu, mesti ada beli cake Secret Recipe.. Tak pun set burger McD.. Asyik tu ja yg terbanyang dalam kepala ni.. Mana nak turun body weight ni, dok telan fast food and cakes.. Huhuhuhuhu..

Sunday, 14 September 2008

Me 23rd?? Arrgh...

Hari ni hari Sabtu..

Aku keje, OT la kira.. Cari duit lebey..

Midnite tadi My Abe Cayang called, wish my Birthday..

Huhuhuhu, even tak dapat celebrate sama2, but I'm glad he still remember my birthday.. (^_^)

My family pun, sumer wish... I don't expect any presents, kena laks bulan puasa kn, so bajet sure lari sket..

Last week pun kan birthday Ayah, so dah puas buli Ayah beli stuff for raya..

But then, came the surprise.. My mom masak byk sgt tuk berbuka.. Tiba2, lepas solat Asar they asked me to bersiap..

Where to go?? Batu Gajah, Pak Long's house.. Break fast wif him and my grandma..

Best jugak, sebab berbuka ramai2.. Solat Maghrib berjemaah, rasa rahmat sgt my birthday kali ni.. =)

Before I end, I would like to thank all of you yang wish my birthday...

  • Riz, thanks sebab wish me and suprised me coz exclusively blog me in ur blog..
  • Fara & Wendy, thanks for da birthday presents, =)
  • Ma, Ayah, Naim & Fifi, thanks for da wish and da surprised of buka puasa event..
  • My Abe Cayang, thanks coz remember my birthday, my 1st birthday with U.. =)

Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Happy 51st AYAHKU.. =)

Semalam birthday Ayah, huhuhu..

Kami adik beradik kumpul duit, beli present...

Mula2 kami habiskan duit ayah dulu, ajak dia gi JJ...

shopping sakan nih, macam2 beli..

1st shop, LEVIS..

2nd shop, VINCCI..

3rd shop, TIMBERLAND..

4th shop, baru la masuk Jusco.. huhuhu.

But then, Ayah was very happy sebab dapat hadiah..

My birthday is around da corner, agak2 de tak dapat surprise present...???

Thursday, 4 September 2008

OnLy HoPe

There's a song that's inside of my soul.
It's the one that I've tried to write over and over again
I'm awake in the infinite cold.
But you sing to me over and over and over again.

Sing to me the song of the stars.
Of your galaxy dancing and laughing and laughing again.
When it feels like my dreams are so far
Sing to me of the plans that you have for me over again.

I give you my destiny.
I'm giving you all of me.
I want your symphony, singing in all that
I am At the top of my lungs, I'm giving it back.

So, I lay my head back down.
And I lift my hands and pray
To be only yours, I pray, to be only yours
I know now you're my only hope.

Tuesday, 2 September 2008

My 2nd month.. KUMON

Alhamdulillah, dah 2 bulan aku keje kat KUMON..

Banyak benda aku belajar...

Walaupun 3 tahun aku belajar, tapi masih ada yang kita tak ley dapat masa belajar..

Memang betul la kata orang, pengalaman amat penting...

Apa yang aku peroleh di sini, akan aku cuba sampaikan masa mengajar nanti..

Aktiviti yang disediakan menarik dan ada yang mudah dan ringkas namun tak tercapai akal untuk melakukan semua itu masa praktikum...

Harap2, dapat aku sampaikan ilmu yang aku peroleh ini untuk anak bangsa..

Thursday, 28 August 2008


Lots works to do today... 3 places to go in ONE DAY... Can I make it?? Check this out..

7.45 am - I started my Greddy Girl.. warm up session, huhu..
8.00 am - Off me go, Simpang Pulai tol shoot to Bukit Tagar exit..
8.45am - Plan changed, exit at Tapah.. Used the old road (saving beb)
10.30am - Arrived in UNiSEL, went to exam unit, setteled my business there..

11.30am - Shoot staright to Selayang hospital..
12.36pm - Arrived there, parking amat lah payah nak cari..
Kena la waktu melawat starts at 1.00 pm.. pe lagi, lunch dulu..
1.05 pm - Give my uncle a visit..
2.15 pm - Off to see my Abe Cayang..

3.45pm - Arrived there, meet, eat, talk, hmmm what else we did.. de la, hehehehe
5.00pm - shoot back to Ipoh..
5.20pm - stop at Sg Buloh R&R.. (Solat, refreshing time, dying for Dunkin')
5.45pm - continue my journey.. ( heavily raining )
7.35pm - Arrived home..

And now, I'm writing this.. huhuhuhu.. Better go to sleep, working tomorrow.. tata.. =)

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Pinggan Kertas.. huhu

Hari ni, mama cuti.. Tak sabar nak balik lunch kat umah...

Dah pesan, " Ma masak sedap2 tau, Ija nak balik makan lunch.. " huhuhu..

Tapi nak dijadikan story nya, tak jadi la pulak balik makan, sebabnya kawan ofis ajak lunch sama2.. Dia last day keje, dah dapat keje lain..

So, I let my mom know and she fine with it..

Mulanya paln makan kat mamak ja.. huhuhhu..

Bukan kedekut tapi dah tengah bulan,mana nak cekau duit..

Tapi dok jalan2, lalu la depan Pizza hut..

Hmmm, macam sedap, so masuk la Pizza.. Hehehehehhe..

Masuk2, okay je sumer...

Dah ready nak order nih, dapat pulak trainee..

Adoi, lambat tul amik order.. panggil supervisor, settle..

Tak sampai 5 minit, sume rasa panas ja..

Dah tu, kitaorang pun, tukar tempat, dok bawah air-cond..

Now, lega.. Sejuk ja..heheheheheh =)

Pastu dtg la pulak trainee tu, " Kami minta maaf, air takde, jadi kami tukar plate ke pinggan kertas yea.."

Huh?? Takde air?? Asal kat ofis tadi okay ja..

Hmmm, nak wat camne kan, so dia pun amik plate kaca tu then tukar ngn pinggan kertas..

Yg nak dijadikan ceritanya, kalau makan pizza, guna sudu garfu, sure masa potong tu, terpotong paper plate tu skali..

Hehehhehehhe,sian kat Wendy, dah la dapat pizza salah, siap makan paper plate lagi...

Hmmm, tu la yea, lain kali kalu takde duit, makan je kat mamak, warung mana2 ker..

Friday, 15 August 2008

pel'AJAR'an vs pen'DIDIK'an

Hari ni aku gi interview SPA..

Jawatan yg dipohon "Pegawai Perkhidmatan Pendidikan Siswazah Gred DG 41"..

Datang bukan main awal, ingat nak kena amik nombor, tapi dah ikut turn rupanya..

So, aku dapat no 9, tapi de 5 orang tak datang aku jadi no 6...

Kata mula kul 8am, tapi kul 9am tak juga mula..

Araound 9.15am baru orang pertama masuk...

Tak lama pun, 15 minit ja...

Akak tu kuar, punya la muka dia sedeyh ja, tension pun yea jugak...

Mula la sakit perut, pe je orang kat dalam tu tnya...

Sementara menunggu tu, sembang2 la jugak dgn yg lain...

Dalam 10 orang, 4 orang TESL, sorang Kimia, sorang Sains, sorang ERT, sorang Kaunseling, sorang Sains sukan, sorang Pendidikan Islam...

Kat Perak ni, de 4 sek kerajaan negeri, so kitaorang yg TESL ni mungkin dihantar ke setiap sek..

Kat mana ja tak tau...

Tepat jam 10.20am, tibalah turn aku....

Pada mulanya, sumer okay ja..

Segman perkenalkan diri = passed

Then dia tnya:

I: Sekarang ni awak tak wat pe2?? takkan duk rumah je..

S: Saya wat part time kat KUMON..

I: KUMON?? K tu ape??

S: Huh?? KUMON tu bukan short form tuan, mmg nama dia KUMON..

I: takkan la takde makna, contoh SPA ni, S = Suruhanjaya, P = Perkhidmatan , A = Awam, jadi skang K U M O N tu ape??

S: takde tuan, KUMON tu sebenarnya nama orang, MR.KUMON from Japan, dia yang tubuhkan, jadi dia guna nama dia...

I: Owh, macam tu.. Okay, now, walaupun awak amik TESL tapi saya interview dalam BM je la yea, saya tak pandai sgt English ni... Macam ni, cerita sket pasal KUMON ni, bagus ke?? Kat sek tak cukup ke cikgu mengajar??

Aku pun explain la panjang lebar, sampai nak gaduh la jugak... Nasib ley sabar lagi... Pastu, adegan seterusnya...

I: Awak ni, kalau dapat la, saya akan hantar awak ke Sek Raja Nazrin, sek kampung, awak rasa boleh je duduk kampung...

S: Saya tak kisah tuan, lagi pun Sek tu kan dekat Kg Gajah, itu kampung ayah saya, my father hometown...

I: That's your father hometown, not yours, your hometown in Taman Pengkalan Jaya,(ley plak dia speaking) u tak kenal suasana sekolah, suasana kampung lain ngn sek kat situ...

S: I know that school very well sir, that was my brother former school.. From form 1 unti form 5.. I knew some of the teacher too..

I: Iye?? saya ingat itu sekolah baru, dah ada kuarkan SPM products yea.. (ngade betul, nasib aku tak cakap, makcik aku tender kantin sek tu)... Okay, takpe.. Sayanak tny, apa beza DIDIK dan AJAR..?

S: Pe yang saya tau, besar bezanya DIDIK & AJAR ni..

I: Tu sebab saya tny, kalau awak perasan sebelum ni, KPM = Kementerian Pendidikan Malaysia tapi sekarang dah tukar menjadi Kementerian Pelajaram Malaysia..

S: Setahu saya la tuan, menDIDIK ni bukan satu kerja mudah, kena banyak sabar, dia bukan saja menyentuh perkara luaran tapi dalaman yang mana bukank mudah untuk dibentuk..

I: Jadi AJAR lagi mudah dari DIDIK??

S: Iya..

I: Jadi, kerajaan tak mahu dipersalahkan kerana tidak dapat mendidik anak2 kita sekarang dgn baik, jadi mereka tukar Kementerian Pendidikan kepada Kementerian Pelajaran, itu maksud kamu??

S: Itu mungkin salah satu daripadanya, saya bukan salahkan kerajaan, tapi dgn jelas kita tahu, bukan mudah untuk mendidik, guru sivik, guru moral, guru pendidikan Islam, belum tentu dpat menDIDIK, mengAJAR boley...

hmmmm, tuan tu macam bengang je ngan aku, sape suh tny pelik2, kan aku dah jawb pelik2..

Aku de jumpa video kat youtube tu, pasal jabatan penDIDIKan, tapi dipanggil Jabatan DIDIK ikan, tapi tak sempat la nak upload, next time la...

Pe la nasib interview tu yea, tah dapat, tah idak..

Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Teacher, why soo long one??? huhu

Semalam aku sampai ja Ipoh, tido tak ingat dunia...

Nak cover energy kononnya, sebab nak masuk keje kul 2.00 pm..

Masa duk semak worksheets budak2 ni, masuk la 3 serangkai budak2 tak cukup umor :
  1. William @ 4 tahun
  2. Edwin @ 5 tahun
  3. Samantha @6 tahun

Masalah budak 3 orang ni, masuk je mesti buat bising tapi tak kacau orang lain la...

Nasib la comey2 belaka, takde la rasa nak marah..

Disebabkan semalam tak larat nak ngajar, aku offer la diri nak duk kat luar, marking students aku punya worksheets...

Bila duk kat luar class, nak kena jadi babysitter la pulak..

Dalam ramai2 yang duk tunggu parents nak datang amik, de la sornag ni, Thunstan nama dia..

T: Teacher, why my mother not here yet??

S: You wait for awhile okay, I already called your mommy..

T: Okay, Tq teacher..

Tak sampai 3 minit, dia datang lagi..

T: Teacher, why my mother soo long one??

S: Just wait for her..

T: I already wait but my mother is soo long.. I wait, I wait sooo long.. I wait, I wait sooo long..

S: Thunstan, if you keep saying that and disturb me, I'll give more homework..

Senyap terus la budak tu.. Tapi biasa la budak, pastu wat lagi.. Sepanjang petang tu, aku duk dengar dia cakap, " Teacher, why soo long one??"

Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Days & Nights To Remember..

Having someone special in our heart is soo wonderful..

No words can describe it...

I do admit, I love My Abang soo much...

When I have him in my life now as my partner, I know nothing else besides my family can make me happy and enjoy this life...

After 5 months, we didn't see each other, last week was the best time ever in our life...

We met, we spent our time together...

I really appreciate all the time that My Abang spent with me...

Thank you Abang for the wonderful moment i with you..

Day 1 - SUNDAY, 10 Aug 2008

10.00am - Travel from Ipoh

12.30pm- Arrived in Bangi
- Pick up my Abg
- went to Mid Valley

2.45pm - window shopping
- bowling (Abg won)
- Bought stuff in Carefour

4.50pm - out from Mid Valley
- went to One Utama (OU)
- watch movie (Shoulin Girl)
- window shopping some more
- register for our CELCOM 1+3 plan

11.30pm - went to Wangsamaju (dinner)
- Uptown Danau Kota

Day 2 - MONDAY, 11 Aug 2008

2.30am - Out from Uptown..
- went to Bangi..
- Time to sleep

6.00am- woke up
- sent Abg back home
- went to UNiSEL

8.15am - arrived in BB
- settled my transcript form

12.35pm - shoot to Bangi

2.45pm - arrived in Bangi
- picked up Abg
- lunch at Deli Mas
5.00pm - Abg went to class
- settled my self at Petronas section8

6.15pm - picked Abg from MFI
- straight to Putrajaya

9.00pm - dinner at Deli Mas

11.15pm - lepak in KL

Day 3 - TUESDAY, 12 August 2008

1.25am - Petronas Sg. Besi
- Time to sleep

5.30am - woke up
- sent Abg back home

6.45am - Petronas Taman Melati, Wangsamaju
- breakfast
- shoot back to Ipoh

10.30am- arrived in Ipoh

2.00pm - went to work

That's what happened in my life and now I'm soo damn tired... Huhuhuhu..

Saturday, 9 August 2008


Selama aku parking kete kat tempat keje tu, tak penah pulak la kena saman..

Ni tak pe je nasib, hari ni kena saman...

Ala, bukan tak letak kupon, cuma letak kupon yang semalamnya aje...

Ok la tu, daripada orang lain yang tak letak langsung...

Adoi, macam tau2 je aku dapat gaji, pandai tul nak saman orang...

Yang tak beshnya, saman parking pun sampai RM20...

Memang nak makan duit orang tul diorang tu...

Agak2 la, BENCI betul la... ;(

Thursday, 7 August 2008

Aku & Dirimu

Tiba saatnya kita saling bicara..
Tentang perasaan yang kian menyiksa..
Tentang rindu yang menggebu..
Tentang cinta yang tak terungkap..

Sudah terlalu lama kita berdiam..
Tenggelam dalam gelisah yang tak teredam..
Memenuhi mimpi-mimpimu malam kita..

Duhai cintaku, sayangku, lepaskanlah..
Perasaanmu, rindumu, seluruh cintamu..
Dan kini hanya ada aku dan dirimu..
Sesaat di keabadian..

Jika sang waktu kita hentikan..
Dan segala mimpi-mimpi jadi kenyataan..
Meleburkan semua batas..
Antara kau dan aku, kita..

Monday, 4 August 2008

... bertahun2 putus juga ...

Topik kat atas tu, petikan dari lirik "Jangan Bilang Tidak"...

Sedih kalau putus cinta kan?? Setelah hampir 4 tahun bersama, akhirnya putus juga...

Kenapa ley jadi macam tu??? sayang sangat rasanya kalau dah lama tapi tak jadi..

Ni lah kisah yang terjadi kepada BEST FRIEND aku masa kat Uni..

Kawan aku ni punya la dah fikir sampai nak kawen, tapi tibe2 jadi macam ni...

Aku mmg terkejut yang amat sgt... They both like couple yg sukar untuk dipisahkan..

Sebabnya, the boy from Kelantan, the Girl frm Sabah...

Mmg diorang tahu yang jarak bukan pemisah... But lately, I noticed the Boy kinda change a lil bit..

He try to ignore the Girl, the Girl keep on saying sorry if she did any mistakes towards the Boy..

Punca utama pangkat dan darjat...

My friend, going to graduate with me this coming November but the Boy can't because he has to extend his study, many subjects to repeat...

He cannot accept the Girl is smarter than himself...

He keep saying that he not smart and can't give the Girl a good life in future..

Nape mesti de rasa macam tu?? Itu bukan penghalang untuk hidup bersama kan???


Sunday, 3 August 2008

Gaji Pertama Gue...

Alhamdulillah, setelah penat lelah bekerja selam sebulan, akhirnya aku dapat gaji pertamaku.. Setelah ditolak Socso, EPF, okay la... Dapatla, nak sara diri ni...
Ni aku wat part time jer.. Kalau full time dapat la 1k labih...
Takpe2, bukan duit yang dikejer tapi pengalaman dan ilmu..
Memang tak puas lagi nak kumpul ilmu..
So, kena kumpul duit from now skit2, nak wat backup tuk masuk DUNIA BARU bulan 12 ni..
Ni nak turun KL lak minggu depan, nak setelkan result and transcript...
Nak jumpa Abe jugak, lama tak jumpa...
Nak gi Genting pun yea jugak nih, jadi ke RIZ??? U bawak HOTSTUFF tak???
Bawak la, ley I kenal2. Huhuhuhuhuhu...
Tak sabar tunggu Monday, nak clear kan cheque, nak kena gi wat EPF skali...
Till meet next time yeah.. Tata.. :)

Saturday, 2 August 2008

IRON LADY wish all of you, HAPPY NEW MONTH.. :)

Yey Yey.. New month already...

Apa yang nak dicoretkan yea..??

The summary of JULY...

  1. Aku dapat keje kat KUMON sbg Instruktor Bahasa Inggeris..

  2. I met new friend from FRIENDSTER..

  3. Dapat final result yang tak besh.. :(

  4. Not even step up at any cineme, dats truly the other side of me ( no money ma..)

  5. Berat badan makan naik, wlaupun byk wat kerja...(happy sgt gamaknya)

  6. Received lots offers to be kindergaden teacher.. (not 4 now!!)

  7. Dapat SWEETHEART baru.. hehehehe...

Penutup summary tu mmg bagus, pelengkap hidup ni.. Kena lak mmg suka NO 7... Bagus2, petanda baik tuh...

For this new month, hope can improve my self in every angles...

Doa2kan yea.. Tata.. :)

Monday, 28 July 2008

Hiccup.. ...hic, hic.. Excuse me.. =)


Hmm, kadang tu macam comey je tgk org kena hiccup... huhuhu, tgh best borak2 nih, tibe2, ...hic, hic... huhuhuhu..

Macam kita orang melayu ni, org tua2 kata, bila kena hiccup tanda nak lagi besar... tu kalau tuk budak2 sesuai la kan.. tapi kalau org dewasa ni kena hiccup, nak besar tang mana lagi eh?? Hehehehehehe.. =)

Bila kena hiccup nih, terseksa pun yea jugak, lucu pun ye jugak.. mana tak nya, tibe2 ...hic, hic... Adoi, tapi bila dah hilang, rasa macam something missing lak sebab kita sebelum ni duk tunggu ja bila hiccup yg seterusnya...

So, I found some of the causes of hiccup.. Baca jom...

hiccups are known to be triggered by specific events, such as eating too fast, being hungry for long, taking a cold drink while eating a hot meal, burping, eating very hot or spicy food, laughing vigorously, coughing...

Hiccup ni tak de la specific treatment, sebab tak la sampai ley bawak mudarat lak kat kita nih.. Antara cara nak hilangkan hiccup ni senang je, minum air kosong ataupun tahan nafas anda seketika... Insyaallah, hilanglah hiccup itu..

Cara itu berkesan kepada kawan saya ni, yg kena hiccup dari pagi tadi, masa lunch tadi sikit2 ..hic, hic.. huhuhuhuhuhu.. Tu la, makan lagi sambal belacan byk2, dah kena hiccup.. Pada siapa suka makan pedas, hati2, ley dapat hiccup...

So, jgn takut kena hiccup, mungkin ley jadi lebih besar tak pun lebih matang... Lalalallalalala..=)

Friday, 25 July 2008

Kenapa Mesti Ada Rasa Cemburu???

Aku betul-betul tak suka bila CEMBURU ini datang.. Kenapa mesti ada rasa cemburu??? Hanya TUHAN yang tahu bagaimana rasanya bila cemburu itu bermain dalam hati dan fikiran ini.. Kenapa mesti ada rasa cemburu??? kalau rasa itu tidak ada, agaknya boleh tak aku hidup dengan penuh ketenangan?? Kenapa mesti ada rasa cemburu??? Semua orang pun ada ke perasaan tu? Kenapa mesti ada rasa cemburu??? Jom kita kongsi pendapat dgn KakTom.. Kak Tom jawab la soalan saya tu..

Benarkah wanita memang kuat cemburu? Atau adakah disebabkan naluri wanita mudah tersentuh sehingga mereka dikategorikan sebagai terlalu sensitif? Atau mungkin juga sifat cemburu ini dikaitkan dengan naluri kewanitaan yang semulajadinya lemah & cemburu itu , tergolong dalam rasa ingin mendominasi yang dimiliki wanita sebagai salah satu daripada sembilan punca nafsunya iaitu menjadi lebih dari orang lain.
Perasaan cemburu ada pada semua manusia. Cemburu boleh wujud pada rakan sekerja, rakan niaga, jiran tetangga dan macam2 lagi. Tak kira samada kanak2 atau orang dewasa semua ada perasaan ini. Rasa cemburu ini juga mungkin disebabkan oleh perasaan tidak senang melihat kelebihan orang lain atau takut dan sebagainya.

Perasaan cemburu ini boleh menghancurkan hati dan perasaan. Bukan senang untuk mengatasi cemburu ni. Cakap nak atasinya senang tetapi bila nak melakukannya ia adalah satu perkara yang sukar. Tak kiralah Samada perasaan itu adalah perasaan anda yang sebenarnya atau hanyalah anggapan seketika yang berlalu di minda anda, walaupun perasaan tu sikit je,tetapi ia tetap tergolong dalam cemburu yang anda lalui sehari-hari. Cuma ada ketikanya kita malas mengakuinya saja.

Kak Tom mmg faham perasaan saya ni.. Terima kasih Kak Tom..

Sekarang aku sedkiit mengerti tentang CEMBURU ini.. Walaupun masih perlukan masa untuk mengatasi perasaan ini, aku harus kuat.. Takde kebaikan pun kalau terus macam ni..

YA ALLAH kuatkanlah HAMBAMU ini ,berikan aku 'NUR' untuk mengatasinya YA ALLAH..

Jadi, dah ada ke jawapan yang kukuh.. Kenapa mesti ada rasa cemburu??

Tuesday, 22 July 2008


Setelah ku berikan
Kau kan pergi jua
Serupa tanpa beza
Terus menyapa damba
Harus ku tunggu
Namun engkau tiada

Ku cuba engkari
Hatiku jadi saksi
Kamu menjadi bukti
Tiada daya tuk lupakan
Disiniku tak mungkin kamu kembali
Serupa tanpa beza
Terus menghilang
Tetap harusku tunggu
Namun engkau tiada

Terusan aku bangun dari mimpi
Serupa tanpa beza
Terus menyapa namun tidak kunanti
Walau engkau menyapa
Angan indah bukan nyata....

Wednesday, 16 July 2008

new issue of ME!!!

Create Fake Magazine Covers with your own picture at

Last night, my new day has started.. hehehehe.. Me no more sadness, no more headache..

I'm soo happy with my life now...

Nothing else I should think accept for myself...

Anyone else, just do yourself stuff...

To my friends:

  1. Riz a.k.a Abg Idan (hehehehe, jgn marah)
  2. Sofea a.k.a Yaya
  3. Mona a.k.a MonMon

you guys really bright my life.. I love having all of you for me... Thanks for everything.. =)

Tuesday, 15 July 2008

It's raining inside my heart..

Now, it's raining heavily outside.. And me, raining as well, I just cant stop my tears from coming out..

When I woke up this morning, I felt really guilty.. I have no idea why suddenly I was like that... Last nite, I was chatting with this guy.. He's a really nice guy.. I do like him actually.. For the past two days, we both were talking on the phone from 1 am until 6 am... Even we know each other for almost one year, but only now we had a chat on the phone..

Everything went very smooth, we really enjoyed talkin to each other.. We actually like each other but there's something bothering us.. HE IS MY EX'S BEST FRIEND... For me, I'm totally fine with it.. But he's so scare if one day, my ex know about us.. Even now we only contact each other and not even in a relationship, he really scared...

I understand his situation.. He doesn't want his best friend blamming him or avoiding him because he close to me right now... But, I want him to know, I do like him and we can try to working onour relation just like what he told me last night..

FQ: Sbnrnya, saya dah lama nak jadikan awak sebagai teman hidup saya, tapi tak berani nak cakap, tak tau kenapa..

NS: Kenapa tak terus terang je??? saya ni pelik sangat ke sampai awak takut nak bagitahu??

FQ: Ok, kalau saya nak jadikan awak sebagai teman hidup saya, boleh???

Guess what my answer??? Of course I asked him back, are you sure my dear??? Have you think deeply about it.. I dont mind, I think we both happy when we're together...

But then, he suddenly asked weird questions.. Of course my answers were ridiculous as well.. Then he came out with a statement:

"Sama2, 2 sebab dari awal lagi saya tak berani, lafaz benda2 macam ni, sebab saya dah agak benda2 macam ni akan berlaku, saya tgk msg awak dari awal lagi saya dah agak, awak masih berhati2 untuk bagi keputusan dgn baik, saya sedar sapa diri saya.."

That statement make me really not in a mood today.. Why must suddenly he said like that?? I'm soo unhappy till now.. Make the situation worst, I message him and until this time no yet reply.. What the thing that made him mad at me??? why he acting that way???

To him, PLEASE reply me.. I do need the answer... PLEASE....

Monday, 14 July 2008

Holiday Yang Meletihkan...


We meet again.. Letih sgt rasanya... Sampai skang pun masih terasa... Last Saturday, my family and I went to Penang... My mom punya cousin punya kenduri kahwin...

Adoi, awal2 pagi lagi dah bangun.. Pagi2 hantar my 2 bros gi tusyen.. then, mula la mengemas apa yg patut.. On9 pun sempat jugak, huhuuhhu.. dah tu mula la gelabah, time dah kul 11 am, mak dah bising2 dah.. hehehehhehehe...

Tepat jam 12, we went to the first wedding kat Sungai Rokam.. Punya la awal kitaorang sampai, sape pun takde lagi... Ni sebab nak rush nak shoot ke Penang.. Takde org pun, kitaorang makan je... Lalalallalalallalalla..

Before shoot ke Penang, singgah la McD beli lunch for my bros yg tak makan2 lagi.. drive thru siap, heheheehheheehe.. Dalam kereta my bros makan tak ingat, yg jadi mangsa pegang their food, guees who??? ME!!! Takpe, ley tumpang sekali... =)

Nak dijadikan cerita, lepas je Bukit Merah tibe2 kereta jadi panas sgt... berpeluh la sume... My dad bajet air-cond habis gas.. So, bukak la tingkap, gaya nak save.. hehehehehhe.. Sampai ja Penang, makan lagi.. hehehehe.. mmg besh dapat makan free.. =)

Dah setel makan, mula la bukak mata macam ikan buntal, cari workshop nak isi gas air-cond... Wah!!! lega bila dah setel... sejuk la sikit.. hehehehehehe... Then, kami satu family gi Queensbay Mall.. Pe lagi, SHOPPING time!!! Suka sgt3... Lalallalalalalalala... tapi nothing interesting... My bro je beli watch.. Orang de duit.. ME??? Ne de duit sebanyak tu..

Bila sumer dah penat, muka sumer jadi seposen.. Check-in hotel, dah tu terbongkang la sumer.. hehehehehehehhe.. Non-stop jalan, mmg letih... tapi ESOKnya, SHOPPING lagi... Hahahahhaha.. at last I bought myself a blouse and a skirt... tpi memandangkan ada duit lebih, beli handbag... Tapi bila dah beli, duit jadi sikit.. =(

Letih yg teramat sgt rsanya jalan2 this time... Masa yg singkat, byk benda buat at the same time... Till now, terasa lagi... Kena lak hari ni kerja, but I'm still writing in here... huhuhuhuhuhu... Dah letih nih, mata pun dah layu... Esok sambung k.. Tata..

Thursday, 10 July 2008

Future ~~ Faith ~~ Horoscopes ~~ Zodiacs ??


Hmmmm, I had a chat with my friend last two days...

He talked about his sucks day... Not in a mood...

All this related to one thing, which is LIFE...

We keep thinking about our past, and it does matter that it will give some impact for our future...

Life is like a puzzle... We need to complete it, so that we can see the complete picture of it...

Either it's a beautiful picture or it might be the other way...

So, about horoscope and zodiac things, do u think it can influnce our life???

I'll share this simple article with all of you...

What is a horoscope?

Technically, it's the term astrologers use for a chart showing the relative positions of the stars and planets at a specific time. But for most people, a horoscope is the forecast astrologers make based on that chart. The word horoscope comes from the Greek word horoskopos, which literally means hour watcher.

What does a horoscope chart look like?

A wagon wheel divided into twelve parts, with symbols drawn in for the planets and stars.

What is the zodiac?

An imaginary band of sky that follows the Sun's annual path as seen from Earth. In astrology, the band is divided into twelve equal parts, each containing a different astrological constellation. The word zodiac comes from the Greek word zodiakos, which literally means circle of animals.

Well, actually not only that effects our daily life... Still many other elements we can relate to our life...

That will be :
  1. The signs

  2. The energies

  3. The qualities

  4. The elements
  5. The planets

  6. The houses

All this criteria can give impacts to our life... I have no idea why I'm so attracted to this topic... But, I do sometimes believe in all of this...

So, its up to you to believe it or just leave it... If you interested to know more about the other criteria I mentioned above do give a visit to ~~

Thursday, 3 July 2008

Another chapter of ME!!!

Holla to all...

I've write a lot. Even I'm still new in here but did blog for quite sometimes.. For those who knows me well, you should know where you can find my blog and read all the ridiculous stories...

Well, for this new chapter, I really have no idea what topic to write on... I just feel like doing nothing actually... But that's not the way I continue my life with, without doing nothing... So, I hope this new page of my new chapter here, can boost some adrenaline and make me think on what to do next...

In my other blog chapters, I write so many things about me... Each single day, without a miss... But when I think it back, there are actually something keep playing in my head:

1) Why must I reveal my stuff to others???
2) Are they really wanna know about me???
3) What's going on with me???
4) Won't the feel sick read about me???

So, do guys have the anwsers???

Well, for me, LIKE I CARE!!! I blog because this the only way for me to express my self... Even if I'm not writing blog, I'm still writing my Journals... People might say, journal only for students in school or college..

As far I know, writing blog or journal can improve our writing skills and pur language use... If you're using English, you'll realise later you already improve yourself... Same goes to BM language...

But I know, people normally blog because they feel empty, sad...

What ever it is, just do what your heart wanna do...

So, I will keep on "blog" and I hope you guys will read it yeah... =)

Till we meet again.. TaTa.. =)