Thursday, 26 February 2009

Missing Someone..!!

                                                                        I miss him..


I really miss you,

can you give me the reason why..

Thursday, 19 February 2009

Dugaan jadi warden.. =(

7 cases in a day..

I've never be this busy in my whole life..

I love do crazy stuff, extreme things and I never regret if I suddenly feel tired..

But yesterday was so hectic for me.. 

At 3 pm, one students came and told me he wanted to go the clinic, then I said okay.. I checked the students attendance and then I sent the student to the clinic..

Suddenly, Dini called me, "Shoe ko kat mana?? Ada budak pengsan ni!!"

I'm damn surprised with that news, so I told the boy, "Kamu tunggu sini, nanti cikgu datang ambil kamu"

When I reached at the staff room, one girl asked permission to go out with her dad, I approved it, then I went to checked the "pengsan boy".. I really dunno how to cope with it.. I never come across with a case like this because I never "pengsan" before and I don't know how its feel..

But thank GOD, Sir Rafhan came and save me.. He accompanied me to checked the boy.. After we asked the boys' dormmates, we knoe that the boy faint because of tiredness and when he awake he said he didn't eat since yesterday.. Adoi, saje jer this boy..

My duty didn't stop there, at 7.30pm I received a call from Kak Lin (still ada budak sakit).. Arrghh, it's night already, why must they sick at this time.. I went to the girl hostel to take a look at the girls.. There are 4 of them.. They looked fine to me and I said " Kamu rehat je kat sini, if okay jer, malam ni tak payah gi prep, if teruk sgt cikgu bawak gi hospital,".. But please, I dun wanna send them to the hospital, because its really far and in the middle of the night.. Thank God, they all fine.. 

Fuuhhh!!! I dun want to be in this situation again.. Please behave my dear students, pity me yeah.. huhuhuhu..

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Jalan2 Cari Makan.. =)

                                                        Dinner in Diamond Bay.. =)

                                                     Menara Condong, Teluk Intan..

Distance : Pasir Salak --> Teluk Intan = 30 mins

Once we feel like eating something, better go for it.. Dun wait for tomorrow or until the other day.. Huhuhuhu.. Well, actually I feel like eating satay, since now I'm staying in Pasir Salak, I dunno where to find it.. Even, kedai makan also I dunno which is da best to choose..

So, I created a cute idea, huhuhu.. I asked Nabila to teman me makan2.. And she said okay and I also okay.. Then we shoot to Teluk Intan.. Reached there, I ordered "satay ayam" for my dinner.. other than that, we also had "nasi goreng".. Because we both really full, I drove home very slow.. 40km/h.. So, from 30 mins, I took 1 hour to reached home..

But like I care, as long as I get the food I want, 3 hours also I can redah,huhuhu.. =)

Sunday, 8 February 2009

My 12 hours travel + dates..

Welcome to IPOH..

Jammed di MRR2

Netball dah habes.. Takde keje lain, jom kita gi jumpa Abg Cyg.. Windu sgt.. Huhuhu.. Tanpa mengira masa, I went to see him right after the netball match finish.. Apa lagi, merempit la dari PAsir Salak ke Bidor, dari sana baru masuk highway.. The journey started at 7.00pm and I reached there at 9.30pm..

on day way nak ke KL, tak la pulak ingat, weekend nanti Thaipusam.. I'm so damn clever, ikut la MRR2.. Jammed la jawabnya.. Mata dah nagtuk, badan pun letih.. Tapi apa nak wat, degil jugak nak gi jumpa Abg Cyg.. Sampai ja HQ kami, I went for my bath, settle myself first.. Dah selesai solat semua, we went to uptown, tak beli pe sgt pun.. jalan2 jew..

tetiba My boo kata nak gi Ukay, his sister's house.. So, we went there and he had a bad news.. He had to follow his sister back to their hometown.. Well, for me I dun mind.. I know, he really disappointed because we only manage to see each other for about 8 hours.. Abg, Syg dun mind.. We can meet next time..

On day way balik pun jammed.. bila dah nak sampai Ipoh, de la plak welcome note kat highway tu.. IPOH.. punya la lama tak naik highway, huhuhu.. okay la.. time for me to rest.. Tata.. =)

Friday, 6 February 2009


Before da match.. good luck girls.. =)

Superman style "menghadang bola"

Netball anybody?? huhuhu, really back to school.. Training every evening.. I really enjoy my life as a teacher right now..

For now not I'm the one who gonna play but my students.. Even all of the students stay in the hostel but sometimes its kinda difficult for me to controll them.. Kids right.. They love to do whta they thing okay for them.. But PLEASE my dear students, LISTEN to me...

Well, for this netball tournament, my under 15 team going to meet with 3 teams which I believe very strong team.. Same goes to under 18 team.. We really afraid to meet with Techsis.. They've been trained since last year.. So, what do you expect??? Victory??? Must be really tough for my school team..

But never mind, it's all over now.. We finished the game even we cannot go to the next round.. I hope we can do better in SMAN's tournament..

Thanks to all SARJANA's staff, thanks for your prayers, thanks for your support for us.. =)