Thursday, 4 November 2010

.:: the imperfection ::.


people normally will say they are a good people.
people will normally claimed they are natural.
human is people.
people is human.

and because of that,
human is not perfect..

maybe i'm to ambitious on this..
maybe i'm damn cruel to myself by letting others do what ever they want..
maybe they never know that they irritates me..
maybe they thought they are GOD..

i just don't get it !!!
why people change???
why people always be someone else???
why must people create the new them to impress others???
why must us be someone else if we actually don't want it???
why we wanna show off what we don't have, what we cannot do, what we don't know???

me dun wanna be the influence to others..
me not that nice..
me not that good..
me not that pretty..
me not that cool..

but then, me kinda weird..
some people luv make me as a role model..
why la people???
why must you people follow me???
can't you just be yourself???

if i'm wearing something pink, why don't you wear blue??
so that, others can differentiate us easily..

if i'm wearing heels, why don't you wear snickers???
so that, you will be comfortable while we're shopping..

if my driving is dangerous, why don't you drive the way you're driving??
so that, you'll feel safer & maybe can live longer than me..

if the way i dress up is damn cute, why don't you dress the funky way you always do???
so that, you'll feel easier to go to the toilet and do your own business..

if you like the way of my life, maybe you should change the way you think..
because the way i eat, obviously you don't like it..
because the way i walk, obviously you don't like it..
because the way i speak, obviously you don't like it..
because the way i plan, obviously you don't like it..
because the way i do everything, you'll definitely don't like it..

this is just because you are afraid to be you..
you think you are small..
you imagine that other people are great..

but you forget 1 thing..
Allah creates us individually..
we all are different..

so, do be yourself..
me doing okay if you wanna follow me..
but please don't be corny..
don't duplicate me..
take what is good from me..
and the bad as your guidance in future..

as human, we're not perfect..
as human, we should be thankful & grateful..
as human, we should give and take..
so we will live happily ever after..

:: i just wanna b me ::

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