Wednesday, 16 July 2008

new issue of ME!!!

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Last night, my new day has started.. hehehehe.. Me no more sadness, no more headache..

I'm soo happy with my life now...

Nothing else I should think accept for myself...

Anyone else, just do yourself stuff...

To my friends:

  1. Riz a.k.a Abg Idan (hehehehe, jgn marah)
  2. Sofea a.k.a Yaya
  3. Mona a.k.a MonMon

you guys really bright my life.. I love having all of you for me... Thanks for everything.. =)


Nice Guy said...

Wish I could beat my headaches, been finding 5HTP suppliment is helping alot as it increases serotonin a bit.

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Fakir Andalusia said...

Sabar jer la k.
there's always a reason for everything.
sooner or later you'll see it.