Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Days & Nights To Remember..

Having someone special in our heart is soo wonderful..

No words can describe it...

I do admit, I love My Abang soo much...

When I have him in my life now as my partner, I know nothing else besides my family can make me happy and enjoy this life...

After 5 months, we didn't see each other, last week was the best time ever in our life...

We met, we spent our time together...

I really appreciate all the time that My Abang spent with me...

Thank you Abang for the wonderful moment i with you..

Day 1 - SUNDAY, 10 Aug 2008

10.00am - Travel from Ipoh

12.30pm- Arrived in Bangi
- Pick up my Abg
- went to Mid Valley

2.45pm - window shopping
- bowling (Abg won)
- Bought stuff in Carefour

4.50pm - out from Mid Valley
- went to One Utama (OU)
- watch movie (Shoulin Girl)
- window shopping some more
- register for our CELCOM 1+3 plan

11.30pm - went to Wangsamaju (dinner)
- Uptown Danau Kota

Day 2 - MONDAY, 11 Aug 2008

2.30am - Out from Uptown..
- went to Bangi..
- Time to sleep

6.00am- woke up
- sent Abg back home
- went to UNiSEL

8.15am - arrived in BB
- settled my transcript form

12.35pm - shoot to Bangi

2.45pm - arrived in Bangi
- picked up Abg
- lunch at Deli Mas
5.00pm - Abg went to class
- settled my self at Petronas section8

6.15pm - picked Abg from MFI
- straight to Putrajaya

9.00pm - dinner at Deli Mas

11.15pm - lepak in KL

Day 3 - TUESDAY, 12 August 2008

1.25am - Petronas Sg. Besi
- Time to sleep

5.30am - woke up
- sent Abg back home

6.45am - Petronas Taman Melati, Wangsamaju
- breakfast
- shoot back to Ipoh

10.30am- arrived in Ipoh

2.00pm - went to work

That's what happened in my life and now I'm soo damn tired... Huhuhuhu..

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