Thursday, 28 August 2008


Lots works to do today... 3 places to go in ONE DAY... Can I make it?? Check this out..

7.45 am - I started my Greddy Girl.. warm up session, huhu..
8.00 am - Off me go, Simpang Pulai tol shoot to Bukit Tagar exit..
8.45am - Plan changed, exit at Tapah.. Used the old road (saving beb)
10.30am - Arrived in UNiSEL, went to exam unit, setteled my business there..

11.30am - Shoot staright to Selayang hospital..
12.36pm - Arrived there, parking amat lah payah nak cari..
Kena la waktu melawat starts at 1.00 pm.. pe lagi, lunch dulu..
1.05 pm - Give my uncle a visit..
2.15 pm - Off to see my Abe Cayang..

3.45pm - Arrived there, meet, eat, talk, hmmm what else we did.. de la, hehehehe
5.00pm - shoot back to Ipoh..
5.20pm - stop at Sg Buloh R&R.. (Solat, refreshing time, dying for Dunkin')
5.45pm - continue my journey.. ( heavily raining )
7.35pm - Arrived home..

And now, I'm writing this.. huhuhuhu.. Better go to sleep, working tomorrow.. tata.. =)

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